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-About Us-


The Celtic Knot Foodtruck continues the McAndrew family tradition of bringing you the finest authentic and original pub and street foods of Scotland, Ireland and England. Many of our recipes have been used by the McAndrew family and have been enjoyed by the Celtic community of New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area for over 30 years.

It's with that same pride, quality and dedication to presenting and preserving our heritage that the McAndrew family invites you to experience our food. Because it's just that; an experience. At the end of the day we do more than just make THE best Fish and Chips, we make memories. Whether it's making new memories with new friends, or putting life to an old memory long forgotten our food is meant to invoke a meaningful connection to home.

Best Wishes,
Ian, Siobhan, Saoirse, Coirah and Cormac McAndrew

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-food truck Menu-




Let us bring the taste of Britain's best to your next festival, fundraiser or community event! 

What will it cost you?

We base our pricing on projected attendance provided by you; our valued customer. We realize; especially with events that gather their numbers through advanced ticket sales, that these numbers can sometimes be fluid. We pride ourselves in our customer service and being able to work one on one with you to agree on an attendance number that suits your needs, with the ability to add extra meals if need be.

What does that mean?

Your experience and satisfaction are important to us, and we will never try to upsell you on services if they don't fit your needs.

Parties of 25 - 50:      $16 a plate       Parties of 150 - 200:  $13 a plate       Parties of 300+: Call for Details

Parties of 50 - 100:    $15 a plate       Parties of 200-250:    $12 a plate

Parties of 100 - 150:  $14 a plate       Parties of 250-300:    $11 a plate

*prices reflect full service portions meaning full dinners. Please call or email for festival and "drop and go" catering pricing"

What's included?

  • Minimum of two hours of cook time (additional time is added for larger parties or can be added at additional cost)
  • Disposable plates, flatware and napkins
  • Individually portioned Tartar Sauce (Also available: a more casual self service option)
  • All the necessary condiments such as :Salt, Malt Vinegar, Ketchup (Cole Slaw can be provided at an additional cost)
  • The piece of mind that comes with hosting an event and hiring a professional, clean and courteous family business.

Payment Schedule

  • A non-refundable deposit equaling half of the contracted amount will be necessary to reserve our services and is due upon contract signing.
  • The remaining balance will be due in full on the day of your event, unless otherwise agreed upon in your contract.

*Substitutions, Take-Out Dinners and special orders are NOT included in standard pricing but can be added at the time of booking. Additional cook time not covered in the contract will be billed at a rate of $20/Hour plus the cost of additional meals*

Catering questions? 

Having a party, fundraiser or you're a craft brewery interested in having us as a featured food truck? The first step is reaching out and saying hello!

Name *
Please be as specific as possible: Dates, times, location and menu preferences.
Catering quotes are non binding and depend of the size of the party.
Are you looking to have your event catered on-site with our food truck? or are you looking at our "drop and go"menu and services?